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Distribution logistics has, as content tasks, the delivery of the substantial products to the death. Inventory management is a critical operation of McDonald’s because it is what makes the restaurant meet the expected demand for the products.

How well the business manages stock determines the volume of sales the restaurant makes on any given working day and hence the overall profitability. Operations management is an essential part of an organization. Organizations are faced with pressure from both internal and external sources.

It is the role of an operations manager to identify the pressures and develop programs and policies that will ensure the organization can operate effectively.

Operation Management – Wk6 · Text book – Loose-leaf Version Operations and Supply Chain Management The Core, 3rd Edition F. Robert Jacobs, INDIANA UNIV BLOOMINGTON Richard B Chase, UNIV Work problems 2 & 4 at the end of the chapter "Global Sourcing and Procurement", and 3 & 5 at the end of the chapter "Location, Logistics, and Distribution.

Operation management is that aspect of business the handles the production and service systems (Johnston et al, ).

It is concerned with activities producing goods or involved in the delivery of services required by customers (Johnston et al, ). paper is to determine the various technology used in logistics and supply chain management including information technology, communication technology and Impact of Bar code technology on operations of logistics and supply chain management Procurement operation – The parts and components brought from suppliers are assigned bar.

Operation management involves a chain of activities where the producers engage a work force to obtain material, which material later is processed into a required product, and the product is then taken into the market for use by the consumers.

Operation logistics management essay
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