Name three risks to a company that introduces buy side e commerce

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mec ch 1: introduction to e-comm & e-busniess 1) Exp the relationship between the concept of e-comm & e-business.

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2) Distinguish between buy-side & sell-side e-comm and give an example of the application of the each. Chapter 1 Introduction to e-business and e-commerce.

Self-assessment questions. 1. Distinguish between e-commerce and e-business. Can best be explained by referring to different elements shown in Figurei.e.

Name Three Risks To A Company That Introduces Buy Side E Commerce about e - commerce risks. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the main risks associated with e - commerce concern hackers, viruses, and interception of credit card numbers travelling over telecommunication lines.

Buy-Side B2B e-commerce: Briefly describe the consequences of e-commerce and e-business. -Online-only competitors are challenging traditional brick and mortar businesses in many industries, including banking, financial services Domain Name System (DNS).

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Name three risks to a company that introduces buy side e commerce
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